Ana Paula Pérez

“I have a degree in Integral Design, with experience and international studies. I started developing product design, marketing and visual communication projects. In the search for greater depth and scope, I got trained as an Ontological Coach, opening the way to different certifications such as Generative Leadership, Business Coaching, Appreciative Inquiry, Collaborative Conversations in cultural biology. […]

Leonardo Ulloa

I am a relaxed person who loves to discover and explore new places, persons, and views. I started as a Chemical Engineer, then consultant in continuous improvement processes and ontological coach. I believe that developing an innovation culture can help people in organizations to evolve towards transcendence making new worlds for them and their customers. […]

Benjo van den Boogaard

“We will either find a way or create one!” – Hanibal Change is all around. What ‘makes’ or ‘breaks’ in this new society is whether you are capable to continually rethink and reinvent, as fast as the world is changing around you. That’s why creativity and entrepreneurship has moved to centre stage everyones life. “To […]