Cheryl Benadie

This iconoclastic, first-generation professional has navigated 14 job titles, eight industries and three careers over a 22-year period, so she is well versed in the constant need to reinvent oneself to meet the changing demands of the working world. As The Wholeness Guide, Cheryl Benadie’s mission in life is to support professionals to embrace wholeness […]

Coenette Venter

I am a Pharmacist by trade, responsible for leading a team of over 50 as a department lead and I’m involved in various projects and efficiency initiatives.

Joanne Jordan

An Airline Transport Pilot with 23+ years’ experience in managing, instructing and piloting small to medium aircraft domestically in South Africa, having led teams of up to 10 flight crew, ensuring the well being and safety of up to 150 passengers per flight. Assisted a team in formulating an improved flight training course from scratch […]

Ewan van Heerden

During the day I like to help people find what their passions are and what jobs those passions will thrive in. I like to Simplify things and put my own Creative and Fun spin on what I do. I am a coach who has 3+ years experience as an educator. I nearly became a standup […]